General Monitors” IR400 Combustible Gas Detector is a point infrared (IR) ethylene monitor designed to support dual FM and CSA performance verification, meeting FM 6310, FM 6320 and CSA C22.2 requirements. With a precision IR point sensing element, the device”s Point IR Combustible Gas Detector reliably protects people, equipment and facilities against the hazards of ethylene gas vapors. The device features a fail-to-safe design for dependable gas detection performance. Its heated optics eliminate condensation, and a dirty optics indicator helps discriminate between true alarms and maintenance needs. Ethylene is the microprocessor-based, low-maintenance IR400 continuously monitors combustible gases in the lower explosive limit (LEL) range and provides a 4-20 mA analog signal proportional to the 0 to 100 percent LEL concentration. The detector also monitors other conditions, such as supply voltage and optical path integrity. Its electronics are contained within an explosion-proof housing so that detector information can be processed locally.