2019 Chem Show showcased industry innovation

Chemical processing industry professionals gathered at the 2019 Chem Show to see what’s ahead for processing technology and engage with industry experts.

Chem Show 2019
Chem Show 2019
Geoff Stevens

The 2019 Chem Show welcomed attendees from across the chemical processing industry (CPI) in search of new products and applications to improve the quality, safety and processes of manufacturing. The event, held at the Javits Center in New York City October 22-24, brought together plant managers, executives, engineers, equipment manufacturers and other industry personnel across a broad range of chemical process industries for three days of exhibition.

The show floor, seminar program, new equipment technology theaters and trend discussions gave attendees and exhibitors a glimpse into the future of processing technology via the show floor booth displays, as well as shared learning of new ways to optimize plant operations.

“The CPI is in a state of change,” said Mark Stevens, manager of the Chem Show, in an event announcement. “There are new emissions regulations, new markets as well as new processing needs within existing markets, and improvements to methods that help us understand and analyze collected data through the IIoT and more. The show floor this year was a great testament to the importance of continued dedication in the areas of safety, optimization, new market tracking, globalization and trends. Conversation between attendees and exhibitors reflected growing consideration of these changes and their potential to affect the way we do business in North America and across the globe.”

Exhibitors and visitors alike were eager to discuss collaborations to solve new and old process issues. Hundreds of exhibitors brought new equipment and application processes to the show floor, giving visitors an inside look at solutions that span across multiple markets.

The 2019 Chem Show seminar program presented industry decision-makers with opportunities to stay updated on the latest information across the multiple markets that make up the chemical processing industry. Presenters from various processing disciplines spoke on best practices and topics that informed on regulation changes, equipment optimization and new or improved product and process applications. Over the course of the three-day show, exhibitors hosted 41 product and technology presentations to discuss practical challenges that occur in daily practice, as well as new process and best practice information made available through new product launches.

Two industry trend discussions were added to the 2019 seminar program, including a discussion on job force recruitment and training tools, plus another on the CPI in a circular economy. In a Tuesday session hosted by Robert Bozic of Columbia University, visitors learned about a competitive process safety chemical engineering exercise using simulators as a means to educate students. The dynamic competition model is meant to provide educational experience via computer simulation.

On Wednesday, Anthanasios Bourtsalas, vice president of research, development and deployment at Global Waste to Energy Research Technology (WTERT), spoke to the current trend of transitioning industrial processes from the traditional linear model to a circular economy approach where recovery of material waste, such as energy and fuel, provide benefits to sustainability and other considerations within a circular economy.

In addition to the seminar sessions, attendees took advantage of the chance to meet one-on-one with exhibiting companies from around the globe. Attendees had the opportunity to speak directly to product experts, many who designed and/or built the equipment on display, ask specific questions to address issues they are facing and find ways to customize products to meet their production needs. Attendees noted the unique opportunity presented by the Chem Show to find solutions through cross-market exploration.

The industry looks to innovation

Shifts toward a more digital CPI were evident on the show floor. Exhibitors included equipment manufacturers displaying equipment fully enabled with online capabilities and data collection. IIoT continues to shape the future of the industry with smarter and more refined information from production cycles.

The next Chem Show will be held in the fall of 2021 at the Javits Center in New York City. Visit www.chemshow.com for more information.


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