As we get further into 2016, we review the top 10 articles readers visited most on our website in 2015. These articles cover a variety of industry topics include guidance on valve sizing and shutoff, actuation, pump problems, flow rates and measurement and more. As the year progresses, look for more content geared toward fluid handling system design, maintenance operation professionals.

  1. Part 1: An insider’s guide to valve sizing & selection
    When selecting a control valve for a process, there are many things that must be considered. Of particular importance is the valve’s flow characteristic.
  1. Control valve shutoff classification and allowable leakage rates
    Often when commissioning or troubleshooting automatic control valves, there’s a discovery that the valve, even though fully closed, doesn’t fully shut off process flow.
  1. 5 key valve sizing points to remember
    Understanding how proper control valve sizing affects flow will help you avoid the all-too-common problems that result from oversized valves.
  1. Proportional valves: Direct actuation versus air-piloted actuation
    The comparison of air-piloted versus direct-acting valves deserves careful consideration of pros and cons, depending on specific application and machine design requirements.
  1. Part III: An insider’s guide to installed gain as a control valve sizing criterion
    One can learn a lot about how well nonlinear control valves will perform in a particular system by examining their installed gain.
  1. Pump Guy: What most pump problems aren’t really pump problems
    When is a pump problem not a pump problem? When it is a pipe problem.
  1. Quiz corner: How to calculate the orifice plate flow rate
    An orifice plate is designed to generate a differential pressure of 1,000 mm of water column at a full scale flow rate of 100 liters per minute.
  1. Part I: The pros & cons of volumetric flow measurement
    While volumetric flow meters can pose measurement issues when the fluid density varies with pressure, temperature and/or composition, they remain a viable solution for many flow measurement applications.
  1. Part IV: Keys to effective valve sizing & selection
    A review of some of the elements that must be considered to size and select the right control valve for a particular application.
  1. Part II: An insider’s guide to control valves & process variability
    Part two in a four-part series on valve sizing and selection explains how to drive product quality and equipment reliability through process consistency.