Equilibar’s ZF Series back-pressure regulator holds precision down to the zero flow range. It is a good fit for research applications with intermittent and ultra-low gas flows, such as oil reservoir core analysis. It can also be used for certain corrosive and high-temperature applications. Standard pressure range is between 50 PSIG and 1,500 PSIG. Equilibar’s existing back-pressure regulators hold precision across a 10,000-to-1 flowrate window; ZF was developed for those requiring precision at no-flow reactor conditions. Features of the ZF1 include 1/8-inch NPT, 1/16-inch or 1/8-inch HPLC (Valco style) connections; body material made of SS316 (std), Hastelloy; Viton or Kalrez (typical) o-ring; and a Polyimide (recommended) SS316 diaphragm. It has a maximum flow of 1 liter/min. and a maximum continuous flow of 100 ml/min.