Bematek Systems” Z-Series line of wet-mixing colloid mills employ a new milling technology for the precise particle size and biomass size reduction of fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs. The sanitary wet-mixing machines are designed for fruits, vegetables, and other foodstuffs from a pulpy slurry to smooth, homogeneous viscosities. Suitable for in-line processing, the machines employ an abrasion-resistant milling head that features a standard rotor and stator which can be modified to meet specific customer requirements where precise control and repeatability are necessary. Capable of 10 to 10,000 GPH throughput, the machines feature 316 stainless steel construction, rotors and stators made from a proprietary hardened material to withstand abrasive slurries and comply with 3A, USDA and FDA standards. Models are fully scalable and offered for laboratories, pilot plants and production facilities.