Yokogawa (www.yokogawa.com) and Maverick Technologies (www.mavtechglobal.com) will join together to serve as the main automation and control contractor for Chevron’s global refineries in a long-term agreement. Under terms of the deal, Chevron intends to strengthen operations and reliability at its eight wholly-owned refineries by standardizing and modernizing its process automation and control infrastructure.

Yokogawa will provide control technologies and Maverick will provide the majority of the engineering, construction management, and installation services through what the two company”s are calling the YMAC agreement (Yokogawa Maverick Alliance for Chevron). The YMAC scope includes validation of design specifications, field instrumentation, integrated process control, and safety systems design and implementation, asset optimization, and advanced applications.

This work will be performed under Service/Purchase Orders incorporating the terms of the International Master Agreement signed recently between Chevron U.S.A. Inc. and Yokogawa.