A new Web-based industrial water treatment education program from the Water Quality Association will launch in May. The program is designed to help companies raise their service personnel from doing only mechanical repair to understanding the interdependency of complex multi-stage treatment components and determining and meeting customer goals in the field.

There are three virtual-classroom courses, each course comprised by 15-20 one-hour classes. The courses are:
• Orientation and Overview of Industrial Water Treatment Systems
• Installation of Industrial Water Treatment Systems
• Troubleshooting of Industrial Water Treatment Systems.

WQA says the courses will be taught by experts in the field and will use real-world examples.?

“Industrial water treatment offers opportunity for business growth, but it also carries a high degree of financial and legal risk,” Director of Education and Certification for the Water Quality Association, Tanya Lubner Ph.D., said in a prepared statement. “These courses provide service staff a solid technical foundation in industrial systems, and will equip them with the knowledge necessary to conduct critical evaluations of a system’s performance. Think of it as a way to develop your employees into experienced technicians with minimal exposure to the blunders associated with “trial-and-error” methodology.”

In addition to topics on system installation and troubleshooting, the WQA intends for students to learn the culture of various industries that use high-purity water, how to prepare for site visits, the importance of proper documentation, and other tips so they can professionally represent themselves and their employer..

Program curriculum, schedules, and registration information is available at wqa.org/education.