Endress+Hauser”s WirelessHART adapter and gateway, named Fieldgate, provide battery-powered wireless capabilities to any HART instrument, or any instrument equipped with a 4–20 mA output. Through the use of the wireless adapter, it is possible for wireless devices to be added at other points in the plant, those not normally connected to the control room due to accessibility issues or wiring costs. The WirelessHART gateway collects measured values at regular intervals and transmits the instrument information, along with the device and battery status to the plant network. Wireless sensors can be used to measure vessel contents in remote locations, facilitating supply chain management. Wireless instruments support asset management solutions, allowing information to be exchanged to and from the measurement sensor to aid management and maintenance of the plant assets. The WirelessHART mesh network protocol has built-in safeguards that ensure reliable and secure communications. The mesh network is self-organizing and self-healing with redundant paths.