Emerson Process Management”s Rosemount 2160 vibrating fork liquid level switch is suitable for almost all liquid applications and is virtually unaffected by flow, bubbles, turbulence, foam, vibration, solids content, coating, liquid properties and product variations. It is designed for use in extreme temperatures and performs in harsh process conditions that are unsuitable for other switches. Typical applications include overfill protection, high and low level alarms, pump control (limit detection) and pump protection or empty pipe detection. The level switch is a component of Emerson”s PlantWeb digital architecture and wirelessly communicates switch output state, diagnostics, and PlantWeb alerts. The wireless switches operate in the WirelessHART self-organizing mesh network, which enables the switches to automatically find the best communication path, with greater than 99 percent data reliability, to Emerson”s Smart Wireless Gateway. Two models are available, covering the temperature range -94 F to 500 F (-68 C to 260°C). The wireless point level switch uses an intrinsically safe power module that utilizes Emerson’s SmartPower technology to provide a long battery life. Intrinsically safe options are available for hazardous area installations.