Emerson Process Managment”s Rosemount TankRadar Rex and Pro tank gauging system now feature Emerson Smart Wireless functionality. Many tank storage facilities that would benefit from modern, non-contact gauging have obsolete or non-existing signal wiring from the tank storage area. Retrofit of the gauging system in such plants is normally expensive and time consuming as the distance between storage tanks and the control room can be more than one kilometer requiring extensive trenching and cabling. Now, with Emerson Smart Wireless technology, installation of a new radar-based Rex and Pro systems can be done without any new long distance signal wiring. This will radically reduce material and labor cost as well as engineering and project execution time. By connecting the Smart Wireless THUM adapter to the radar gauge on the tank top, complete tank inventory data can be sent to the control room via wireless HART communication. The self-organizing mesh network ensures uninterrupted data communication also in an environment with large mechanical obstacles such as storage tanks. Every THUM adapter serves as a network connector and backup so there is no single point of failure. All data transfer is protected by 128-bit encryption.