The Lee Company’sminiature three-way, high-flow piloting solenoid valve offers a smallfootprint and light weight. Available in a single-coil configuration,the compact valve weighs four ounces and uses just 7.8 watts at 28VDC. Operating pressure is 3,000 PSI, and minimum flow at thatpressure is 4.0 GPM (300 Lohms). A unique plunger design and innovativematerials in the magnetic circuit result in a miniature, low powerconsumption solenoid with an efficient force/stroke relationship. Theuse of the patented Lee Multi-Seal enables the hydraulic portion of thevalve to be extremely small and compact.  The sealingtechnology eliminates conventional o-rings and backup rings andsimplifies port layout by allowing two ports to be sealed in the sameaxial plane.