The oil and gas industry has been challenged by multiphase measurement for years, but Coriolis technology offers a possible solution because of its capability for multivariable output. It can combine measurement and insight cost-effectively, but efforts to do this have not been consistent.

In a series of webinars, Micro Motion discusses how its new advanced phase measurement for the 5700 transmitter can improve Coriolis measurement performance to +/-3% in up to 15% gas void fraction and offers improved measurement in gas flows with mist – substantially improving confidence and insight for flow streams with intermittent multiple phase flow. View these webinars below.

Vice President of Oil Gas, Emerson, Laura Schafer, presented the webinar in June 2016 about the new technology.

In July 2016, Kevin Borden, marketing manager for software products, Flow Solutions Emerson, expanded the talk on the technology to include the food and beverage industry.