Automation Products Group”s LOE Web-Enabled Ultrasonic Level Sensors are self-contained ultrasonic sensors for monitoring liquids or solids in remote tanks, as well as local tank monitoring applications. The ultrasonic sensors can be programmed and configured remotely – without requiring any configuration software – via APG’s Web site and locally via the sensor’s embedded web page. Sensor level data is transmitted to a dedicated Web site that utilizes an open-source MySQL database format to ensure user data is available in any format that might be required of the application. Three models are available: The LOE-2126 provides a detection range of 1 to 25 ft.; the LOE-3136 provides a detection range of 1.5 to 40 ft.; and the LOE-6126 provides a detection range of 4 in. to 180 in. The LOE-6126 delivers a blanking distance of just one inch, compared to four inches for most other competitive sensors.