The market for water and wastewater treatment and flow control products will grow to $484 billion worldwide in 2010, according to Water, Wastewater and Filtration: World Markets, a study published by the McIlvaine Company (

The study says the market for water and wastewater equipment and services, including chemicals, filtration, biological treatment, and flow control, will reach $348 billion in 2010. The companies that supply these markets sell products to the process markets and, as a result, are expected to generate $136 billion in revenue in 2010 in additional process sales.


Water/wastewater core market
Additional unavailable market
Related markets for same products
Indirect markets (additional revenue not
included in $484 billion cited in the study)


In general, McIlvaine Company says the water and wastewater market is growing faster than the process markets with the exception of biotechnology. The membrane filtration market, which the study predicts will generate revenues of $8 billion for water and wastewater treatment in 2010, is said to be growing at more than 7 percent per year.

Repair parts represent 23 percent of the entire water and wastewater market, according to McIlvaine Company. Most of the repair parts business is expected in developed countries, which have a large inventory of treatment systems. By contrast, the majority of the new equipment sales is expected in developing countries, including China.