The demand for water treatment chemicals is booming due to increased price and decreased availability of pristine natural water supplies worldwide, according to a report by the McIlvaine Company ( As such, the research house predicts treatment of influent and reuse will become more desirable as water costs rise and water quality deteriorates.

One of the key dynamics of this trend, notes the report, is that in water and wastewater applications, the water being used in one industry is affected by the water used in other industries. For example, a semiconductor plant may have to deal with high nitrate influent due to agricultural contamination of surface water.

The report identifies and quantifies such instances in a variety of applications and geographies. Profiles and market share information are provided. A networking directory with contact information is also included.

The report contains forecasts for 80 countries. In each country there is a five-year forecast for applications. Forecasts for the following components are supplied in each application:
• Activated Carbon
• Chelants
• Corrosion Inhibitors
• Defoamers
• Inorganic Flocculants
• Ion Exchange
• Odor Control
• Organic Flocculants
• Other
• Oxidizers & Biocides
• pH Inhibitors
• Scale Inhibitors

The report is available online and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

— Flow Control Staff