Envirosight”s new camera lift accessory for its ROVVER 125pipeline crawler allows operators to maintain a more centered view in lines as large as36 inches. The accessory installs in secondsand is compatible with all existing ROVVER 125 crawlers and axial,pan/tilt, zoom and Digisewer cameras. Made oflightweight, durable aluminum, the lift accessory raises the height ofthe camera centerline by 1/3 to four inches in .5-inch increments, whilekeeping the crawler’s center of gravity as low as possible. A springlatch holds the height setting and allows easy manual adjustment.Four-point clamping holds the camera securely. The ROVVER crawler systems feature a modular design that allowsquick reconfiguration for any combination of pipe size, material, andcondition. Steerability and short wheelbase allow ROVVER crawlers tonavigate past debris and obstructions, climb offsets, and pass throughinverts and curved access points. Three chassis sizes allow inspectionof pipelines four-inch to 60-inch diameter. The ROVVER line also offers a fullyautomatic cable reel, which uses a tension sensor to reducethe pulling burden on the crawler (thus extending inspection range), aswell as to prevent cable tangles during backward crawl.