In an effort to reach more industry employees, the Valve Manufacturers Association (VMA) is now offering an online version of its Valve Basics Training course. The online course has been dubbed Valve Basics Online Training (VBOT).

“We recognize that not everyone can travel for training so the next best option is going online. That’s why we’ve created an engaging and informative Valve Basics Online Training program to ensure we are providing many ways for our member companies—as well as end-users and others who work with valves and related products—to train their workforces,” said VMA President, William Sandler. “This is also an important way to reach the younger generation since they are so attuned to working in a digital environment.”

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According to recent VMA research, the valve industry now employs 30,000 people—a 50 percent increase from a decade ago—with added growth predicted for the coming year.

However, the industry faces competitive challenges as its workforce ages and it gets harder to find new employees. VMA sees its online training offering as a way to help educate the valve industry’s workforce of the future. .

VMA established a valve education program, Valve Ed, in 2009 to help those working in the valve industry, or the industries that use valves, train current and future valve employees.

Similar to what is offered in the onsite Valves & Actuators 101 seminars, the online training program will cover:

•    An Introduction to the valve industry, including pressure ratings and classes, standards organizations, valve components, and more

•    Multi-turn valves

•    Check valves

•    Quarter-turn valves

•    Pressure-relief valves

•    Actuators—pneumatic, hydraulic and electric

•    Control valves

To participate online, users need a high-speed, persistent Internet connection and a recent desktop, laptop, or tablet. For more information, visit VMA’s website at > Resources > Online Education, or contact Abby Brown at