Danfoss Water & Wastewater”s VLT AQUA variable frequency drive is engineered with specially designed software for water and wastewater applications. The drive provides seamless installation, commissioning, operation, and system maintenance. It is designed to significantly improve system efficiency in applications such as water supply, treatment, distribution, pressure and level control, irrigation, and wastewater applications, such as pumps and blowers where speed, pressure, and/or level control are critical. Its modular design offers flexibility in option selection with fast delivery of a factory-tested, customized drive with a number of additional plug-and-play options available for simplified upgrades as application needs evolve. The drive offers 98 percent operating efficiency along with automatic sleep-mode functionality. The drive is available in NEMA/UL Type 1, NEMA/UL Type 12 (IP54/55), or NEMA/UL Type 4X (IP66) enclosures and features a compact design with built-in features for easy integration into tight installation spaces. The drive includes a number of pump-specific features to reduce operational costs and protect the pumping system.