Larry Bachus (a.k.a. “Pump Guy”) engaged more than 30 pump users in three full days of intense training at last month’s Pump Guy Seminar in the Chicago area.

Last month’s Pump Guy Seminar in the Chicago area was, by all accounts, a truly valuable learning experience. Larry Bachus, the author of Flow Control’s popular “Pump Guy” column (page 46), wowed the crowd with his unique presentation style and the depth and breadth of his knowledge on all things pumps. The Pump Guy Seminar, which was held Aug. 18-20 at the Holiday Inn in Countryside, Ill., was received by an enthusiastic crowd of more than 30 pump users, all of whom actively engaged in three full days of intense training on best practices for pump systems design, operations, and maintenance.

Comments from our exit survey at the Chicago-area Pump Guy Seminar offer an inside look at just how much the attendees learned. Here I provide a few choice pieces feedback to support my point of view that the Pump Guy Seminar is one training opportunity you don’t want to pass up:

• “I attended your seminar this week in Chicago, and it’s already paying for itself. Your seminar taught me about concentric reducers on suction lines and horizontal elbows on split case pumps, which will be quite helpful on several plant system designs I’m currently working on.”

• “Just a brief note to say ‘thank you’ with regards to the Pump Guy Seminar. I thought the seminar was very informative and entertaining as well. I wish to thank you for all of your efforts with the seminar on behalf of the attendees. A good job well done!”

• “The course was everything I expected. I needed this information 30 years ago, but it’s never too late.”

• “This course holds tremendous value for anyone involved in the design, operation, maintenance or purchasing of pump systems.”

• “The information I’ve learned from this seminar will most definitely help my understanding of pump issues at work.”

• “For my line of work, this seminar was dead on. It met my needs fully. Best money my company has ever spent for a training course.”

• “The monetary price for your shared knowledge and ability to bring pump design back to the basics was worth every penny. Thank you for making your seminar attendees look good with our colleagues.”

If you are involved in pump systems design, operations, and/or maintenance, I sincerely recommend you consider registering for our next Pump Guy Seminar, which will be held at the Marriott Houston Hobby Airport hotel. (EDITOR”S NOTE: Due to damage from Hurricane Ike, the Houston-area Pump Guy Seminar has been re-located to the Sugar Land Marriot Town Park – For more details on the Pump Guy Seminar and to register for our Houston event, visit If you have questions about the Pump Guy Seminar Series, please feel free to contact me directly at the below e-mail address or 610.828.1711.

— Matt Migliore, Editor