Matt Migliore
Matt Migliore

Over the past two years, Amy W. Richardson has served as managing editor of Flow Control magazine,, and our companion e-media and social media offerings. During Amy’s time with us, we’ve accomplished more than I could have hoped, and the quality of Flow Control’s content has never been better. So when Amy told me last month that she had accepted a new job, I was, admittedly, a little bummed. But the opportunity Amy is moving on to is an excellent one that I’m sure she will thrive in. Amy will serve as the associate editor for two consumer magazines, Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home, both of which align with her passion for lifestyle issues and the outdoors. Amy’s contributions to Flow Control are significant, and she will certainly be missed. Here I highlight a few of Amy’s accomplishments:

  • Stepping into a team of social media curmudgeons, Amy took charge of our social initiative and showed us the way. Under Amy’s leadership, we more than tripled our Facebook and Twitter followers and launched presences on YouTube and LinkedIn. 
  • During Amy’s tenure with Flow Control, our website traffic doubled, due in large part to the consistent flow of content Amy fed to the site, but also, and perhaps more importantly, her shrewd yet subtle recommendations. For example, Amy once recommended we sit in on a free consultation with a Web marketing firm. During that call, we learned several shortcomings of our website, which led us to some key decision making that had a huge and nearly immediate impact on our website traffic.
  • Amy Richardson at Viega Press Event
    Amy learns to thread a pipe at a Viega press event in July 2012.

    With Amy’s support, we’ve been able to launch a series of targeted “Update” e-newsletters, which have not only brought added quality content to our readers, but also opened up new and promising revenue opportunities. Without Amy’s diligent and organized approach, we would have never been able to produce enough relevant content to carry the weight of our expanded e-newsletter program.

  • In my opinion, Amy’s most important contribution was holding us accountable for the quality of our content. Amy doesn’t tell you whether something is wrong or right or good or bad, she just asks a few questions that ultimately lead you in the direction you need to go. Over the many issues we’ve worked together on, I learned to listen closely when Amy asks a question. We’re better today because of Amy’s questions.

I could go on, but you get the picture. We were lucky to have Amy, and we can only hope our next managing editor can adequately fill her shoes.

Amy, I wish you all the best and nothing but success personally and professionally. We’ll be sure to keep in touch!

— Matt Migliore
Executive Director of Content