Matt Migliore
Matt Migliore

If you thought you noticed something a little different about Flow Control when you were reading your January issue, you are correct. Through the hard work and effort of the entire Flow Control team, and in particular our talented art director Julie Flynn, we introduced a redesigned print issue, complete with some new and interesting bells and whistles that we think will make Flow Control a more valuable and engaging resource for you. Here I highlight five things you need to know about the redesign.

1. FlowStream: At the end of each article, you’ll notice a shaded box tagged “FlowStream.” The FlowStream box provides keywords related to the focus of the article you are reading that you can use to search for more information on our website,

2. Up Close: One of the new regular features we will be offering is a one-page focus that highlights key features and benefits of enabling flow control-related technologies. The “Up Close” page will be the lead-in to our New Products section and is designed to give you a more detailed look at a specific technology than you would typically receive from our standard product writeups.

3. Web Resource File: The “Web Resource File” is a new take on what used to be our product literature section known as the Reference Shelf. Instead of highlighting printed product literature, this section will feature resources you can access on the Web. Our aim with this section is to point you toward tools, tipsheets, downloads, and other interesting materials we come upon in our endless search for content for Flow Control magazine and

4. Did You Know? In perusing the mass amount of email, article pitches, social media, and press and product releases we receive on a daily basis, we often find ourselves saying, “Ah, that’s interesting.” In an effort to share some of the more worthy data points we encounter from month to month, you’ll see some “Did You Know?” items peppered throughout the magazine. These quick facts are intended to give you some “Ah, that’s interesting” moments of your own as you read each issue of Flow Control.

5. The Tagline: Finally, we also redesigned the Flow Control logo ever so slightly, giving it more modern font styles and a new tagline—Solutions for Fluid Movement, Measurement, & Containment. The new tagline more directly describes our editorial focus, which is to highlight technologies, systems, and application best practices (i.e., “solutions”) for effectively moving fluids from point “A” to point “B” in process and process manufacturing environments.

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If you have questions/comments/suggestions about our new look and/or Flow Control magazine in general, I encourage you to email me at the below address.

Thanks for your readership,

— Matt Migliore, Executive Director of Content