Viega Do the MathViega, a manufacturer of plumbing, heating and pipe joining systems, launched its “Do the Math” campaign at, a new website that shows users how much they can save by using Viega ProPress systems, the company's press technology system for copper and stainless steel piping systems.
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The interactive website features testimonials, job comparisons, project profiles, and a specially programmed calculator for contractors to actually do the math for projects to see how Viega ProPress compares to other pipe-joining methods.

The calculator takes into consideration all the expenses for a project, including the cost of consumables, such as flux and solder.
Viega ProPress systems can reduce installation time up to 60 percent, Viega says. Installers can make a secure connection in less than seven seconds on sizes 1/2" to 4" for copper and stainless and from 1/2" to 2" on black iron pipe with Viega MegaPress.