Turbine Pump
Vertical Turbine Pump Suspended Double Casing (Can Type) VS6 (left). Vertical Turbine Pump Suspended Single Casing (Sump Type/ Wet Pit) VS1 (right).

PumpWorks 310’s API 610 Model PWV vertical turbine pump allows for easy maintenance, higher efficiency and a longer life. The renewable bowl and impeller wear rings permit re-establishing initial running clearances and efficiency. The suction barrel is designed to resist rust and corrosion as well as minimize velocity along the can length, resulting in optimum hydraulic inlet conditions at the suction bowl entrance. The pumps are built, assembled and performance tested in full compliance with API 610/ISO 13709 in Tyler, Texas. Applications include: Light hydrocarbon, high-vapor pressure (low NPSHA); pipeline booster; offshore platform/seawater lift (crude oil transfer); LPG transfer; refinery service; wastewater; secondary recovery; cryogenic liquid; cooling water; and aircraft fueling.