Variable Speed DriveThe P1000 variable speed drive from the Drives & Motion Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. provides control for variable-torque loads through 500 HP and planned expansion through 1,000 HP later this year. Specific application features, energy savings, and network connectivity make the P1000 a good fit for industrial fans and pumps. Configuration tools, including a multi-language LCD display with a real-time clock, parameter storage, fan and pump application presets, and a portable USB copy unit make programming and configuration simple. Energy efficiency is maximized with variable speed control, and the variable speed drive’s integrated 12-pulse version reduces harmonic demand from the power system, contributing to a cleaner environment. All materials used in the variable speed drive comply with the directive for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). The variable speed drive is available in 200-240VAC Three Phase 50/60 Hz (up to 175 HP), 380-480VAC Three Phase 50/60 Hz (up to 500 HP), and 500-600VAC Three Phase 50/60Hz (up to 250 HP) ratings. All ratings are available in a flange configuration that allows for mounting the drive with its heatsink out the back of any Type 12 enclosure. The variable speed drive carries agency certifications for all major geographical regions. –