Plast-O-MaticValves” Series PCWS pressure-regulating supply stick combines a numberof valves, connectors and gauges into a compact, single-piece design.The device was developed to eliminate connections and minimize spacerequirements in plastic piping systems. The reduction in size andconnections provides an overall increase in piping strength of1400%.  The multi-function assembly, called a “stick,”incorporates the features of a pressure regulator, pressure gauge, andshut-off valve into a single unit.  By eliminating the need formultiple joints and pipe sections, installation costs are reduced aswell. Designed specifically for process cooling water, theall-thermoplastic stick assemblies can be used to strengthen piping andreduce footprint in a variety of applications where corrosion is anissue.  The inherent pressure regulator can be set to supplydownstream pressure from 5  PSI to 125 PSI. Stick body materialsare offered in Geon PVC or Corzan CPVC, with EPDM or FKM (Viton) seals.A variety of pipeline connections are available, and different types ofconnections can be specified for inlet and outlet. Each stick includesa pressure gauges or optional pressure/temperature gauge.