Innovative Pressure Technologies” two-, three- and five-way manifold valves combine the function of a tee, calibration valve, isolation valve and all tubings and fittings into a single valve configuration. The valves are designed to connect a system impulse line and transmitter. R-Type manifolds provide differential pressure of flow recorder to impulse tubing. D-Type, T-Type and H-Type manifolds bolt directly to differential pressure instruments. Metal seated units feature a maximum pressure rating up to 6,000 PSI at 200 F (414 bar at 93 C). The pressure rating at maximum temperature for PTFE units is 4,130 PSI at 450 F (284 bar at 232 C), and for Grafoil units is 1,500 PSI at 1,000 F (103 bar at 538 C). Each has a 0.156 in. (4.0 mm) orifice. Each manifold valve features bonnet lock pins to prevent accidental loosening, and adjustable packing reduces the possibility of bonnet/body leaks. All stem packing is located below the stem threads to prevent galling, corrosion and contamination. Full back-sealed bonnets prevent accidental stem removal and blowout. Metal seat units feature a free swiveling ball end stem as standard to ensure bubble-tight valve closure without seat galling. The special hardened ball seat is a good fit for both gas and liquid service. Typical applications include general plant service, pressure instrumentation devices, pressure equalization, block and bleed, and venting.