AS-Schneider ValveAS-Schneider’s ISO FE-Series features a new valve technology that complies with the highest ISO15848-1 tightness class “A.” With a maximum permissible leak rate of 1.3 x 10-7 mbar l/s (for a stem diameter of 7.5mm), this class also exceeds the requirements of TA-Luft. The ISO FE-Series is capable of coping with high pressures of 420 bar (ASME class 2500) and handling a large number of switching cycles without problems. The high-strength stem thread with a hard coating is designed to provide safe, wear-free operation. The non-rotating shaft seal ensures low actuating forces and minimal wear to the sealing elements. The special axial bearing of the stem/tapered connection is designed such that the highest spindle forces can be absorbed without any problem. This valve technology is used primarily for measuring pressure and differential pressure in all types of plant engineering, particularly in chemical and petrochemical plants and the offshore industry. –