The Neupmatic valve enables remote gas shutoff by integrating a valve and actuator system with a capillary and exterior-mounted lockbox.

Buffalo Gauge’s Gaszone Division ( is using Assured Automation’s VA Series valve and actuator in its Neupmatic valve solution to enable remote shutoff of natural gas lines.

Buffalo Gauge ( equips the VA Series with a capillary tube and a special lock-charged device powered by pumped air to provide shutoff capability. The Neupmatic valve is installed up stream from the gas meter, and the capillary is run to the exterior of the facility and terminated within a special exterior-mounted lockbox where access is secure and limited to the gas company. The capillary is then pressurized with air (using a handheld pump), pushing the spring-loaded piston back and opening the valve for gas service. If the gas service must be shut off, the exterior box is opened and the air is exhausted, allowing the spring to push the piston to close the valve.

If either the Neupmatic capillary or lock-charged device is tampered with, the valve automatically closes because it is a spring-loaded normally closed valve. If the fire department needs to shut off gas service, for example, the exterior lockbox can be used to terminate service.

The Neupmatic valve has been approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA, The Department of Transportation (DOT, recognizes the device as a curb valve or emergency shutoff valve for the natural gas industry.

The compressed air port of the VA Series is designed to accommodate NAMUR-style solenoid valves. The NAMUR standard provides standard mounting interface dimensions for pneumatic actuators. The VA valve and actuator system also can be fitted with position indication switches by adding a magnet on the piston and an exterior reed or solid-state switch to read the piston position.

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