Aquionics” OpenLine UV disinfection system minimizes the impact that municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities have on local ecosystems. Using open-channel, low-pressure, high-output UV amalgam lamps, the OpenLine eliminates microorganisms’ reproductive abilities on a cellular level. Treated effluent is free of residual chemicals and can be safely passed into the environment, without the risk of pollution. The OpenLine is available in eight models, for treatment flow ranges from 15 GPM to 1,400 GPM. The compact system offers a smaller footprint than similar products, with only one power source required. The unit’s UV lamps feature a 14,000 hour lamp life guarantee and an automatic quartz sleeve wiping system for reduced maintenance and optimal performance. The control unit comes with a lamp hour counter and status monitoring as standard. To accommodate future flow increases, the system can be expanded with additional UV modules without replacing the current UV channel and components. Additional UV modules can be added to smaller models without replacing the UV channel or other components. This allows customers to expand their unit if future flows increase.