Alicat USBAlicat Scientific Inc. now offers its BB9 Communication Module in a USB model. The BB9-USB replaces the standard RS-232 serial connection, providing a direct computer connection for monitoring and control of Alicat flow devices. The BB9 joins up to nine Alicat flow and pressure devices to a single computer for independent monitoring and operation. Remote monitoring is intended to save time and money, especially in flow instrument installations where devices are a long distance from the control site. The BB9 will also distribute power to connected Alicat devices. In installations with more than nine Alicat flow devices, multiple BB9s can control up to 26 Alicat devices. Alicat’s mass flowmeters measure pressure, as well as temperature, volumetric, and mass flow. Devices come pre-calibrated (NIST traceable) for Air, Hydrogen, Helium, and Argon, as well as 16 other gases and 10 gas mixes.