Reverse-osmosis (RO) membranes will be installed at the municipal water treatment plant at the Town of Davie, Fla., as part of a project to upgrade and expand the capacity of the existing facility.

Koch Membrane Systems’ (KMS) Fluid Systems TFC elements will be installed in four trains with a 2.0 MGD capacity each, running at 80 percent recovery. These RO trains, along with three cartridge-filter vessels and one clean-in-place system, will be designed and fabricated by Aerex Industries, based in Fort Pierce, Fla. The total plant capacity will be 8 MGD, serving a population of 90,000.

Delivery of the KMS membranes is expected to be in early 2013 with commissioning of the plant scheduled for June 2013.

RO will be incorporated into the Town of Davie water treatment plant to lower the Total Dissolved Solids in the well water that supplies the area’s drinking water. According to a Koch, RO is the most energy-efficient method of removing dissolved salts and other water-borne contaminants from water to meet drinking water standards. Koch says the treatment of brackish water for municipal water supplies is one of the most common RO applications.