Universal Flow Monitors” Universal Series of flow-indicating flow switches is designed to provide flowrate consistency, reliability and low maintenance in processing applications. The line consists of variable-area flowmeters that also serve as flow switches for monitoring cooling water, circulating lubrication oil and other clean fluids. Vane and piston meters in the Universal Series can be used when local flow indication and mechanical flow switching, without or without an optional pot-driven 4-20 mA transmitter, are desired. The mechanical meters with switches are individually calibrated for specific fluids, with the viscosity specified by the customer. Universal models available with flow switches include L Series piston-style meters for low flows from one gallon per hour to three gallons per minute, S Series meters for flows from three to 20 gallons per minute, and M Series meters for flows from 20 to 160 gallons per minute. Alarm switches are available on all models. All meters are also available in construction materials good for either cooling water or circulating lube oil.