Universal Flow Monitors expanded its Web site to include a flowmeter technologies section featuring a clickable overview of 16 flowmeter technologies. Animations briefly show how a specific flowmeter type works, and viewers may choose a product tab or a technology tab on each animation. Clicking on the technology tab takes the reader to a written explanation of the technology. Clicking on the products tab, takes the reader to details of the type of flowmeter available from Universal Flow Monitors and others.

On the left side of the page, viewers can choose to click on 16 industrial applications for flowmeters, such as abrasives, corrosives, steam and others. By clicking on the application, the viewer can see the types of recommended flowmeters for that application. Each technology is explained with animation. In addition, users can click on the technology tab to read about how the specific type of flowmeter works. The products tab takes the user to products available from Universal Flow Monitors and others.