seepex”sprogressive-cavity pump universal joints are now available with ratingsto 360 PSIG. This allows the pumps to be used on applications with highsuction heads, low NPSHA applications with reverse rotation (common invacuum condensation or suction lift applications), or in vertical pumpswhere the joints are exposed to the rated discharge pressure of thepumps. A new proprietary technology allows the joints to behydraulically balanced and reinforced against implosion from highpressures. The joints are longlasting because they are positively sealed with an elastomer cover andtwo holding bands and lubricated with high-temperature greaseespecially formulated for this service. The joints are easilyinspected or serviced.  Each joint uses a hardened pin andbushings, which can be replaced in minutes, with minimal manpower, at afraction of the cost of replacing the rotor or drive shaft, as iscommon with other designs. A stainless-steelcover is also available to ensure U-joint integrity. With thiscover to protect the rubber cover from damage by tramp metal or othercontaminants, the joint carries an unconditional 10,000-hour guarantee.