SensComp”s 9000Sonar Ranging Module provides engineers and designers a solution tointerfacing piezo ultrasonic transducers, such as the company 9000series transducer, with the external circuitry or a controller forultrasonic sensing in a variety of applications. Operates on five VDCand provides a TTL pulse-width output proportional to distance totarget. As a matched component pair, the 9000 transducer and rangingmodule can detect objects or liquid surfaces from one to 18 feet (0.3to 5.5 meters). Common applications include liquid level sensing intanks, open-channel flow sensing in large diameter pipes, and otherindustrial environment applications. SensComp also provides the Series9000 OEM Kit for prototype and technology feasibility studies, as wellas an instructional tool for studies in ultrasonic measurement andproximity experiments in high school and university labs.