Dwyer UTC
UTC Ultrasonic Liquid Transmitter Controller
Dwyer UTS
UTS Ultrasonic Liquid Transmitter Sensor

Dwyer Instrument Inc.’s Series UTC Ultrasonic Liquid Transmitter Controller provides reliable, accurate, non-contact measurement of liquid level and open-channel flow even under extremely harsh conditions. Overcoming vapors, agitators or light foam, with no moving parts to wear, or jam, the series supports a full range of process monitoring and storage level measurement applications, such as high-process tanks, and large storage vessels. The UTC has a six-digit LCD display and a simple menu structure with multiple indications, making programming simple. Its dual-part system allows for the control unit to be located up to 656 ft (200 m) away from sensor (purchased separately). A mounting bracket for installation is included. In addition, this series supports the Modbus RTU communication protocol and offers RS-485 or RS-232 and 4-20mA communications. Featuring five independent SPDT relays and embedded firmware for volume and flow totalization, the UTC is a good fit for liquid level and open-channel flow applications. The Model UTS is a series of sensors made to accompany the UTC Ultrasonic Level Controllers.