GE Measurement & Control Solutions” Sentinel LCT is an ultrasonic flowmeter created specifically for fiscal and allocation measurement of crude oil and other liquid-refined products. Utilized for pipeline leak detection as well as high-temperature and cryogenic flow applications, the meter is designed for high accuracy and robust precision. A true multi-viscosity meter, the instrument”s four-path balanced symmetry design allows minimal corrections for flow profile changes over the full Reynolds range. It uses only one calibration curve from 0.6 to 600 cSt. viscosity. As a result, the meter requires no prover run or setting adjustments for viscosity changes. Extended viscosity ranges to more than 3000 cSt are available as an option. The meter complies with API 5.8 and receives OIML R117-1 certification in accordance with WELMEC guide 8.8 under MID. It is certified to maintain custody-transfer performance without recalibration after field replacement of sensors and electronics.