Emerson Process Management’s Daniel 3812 Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter provides accurate liquid measurement for non-custody transfer applications in the petrochemical, oil, water, and wastewater industries. This meter can be used to measure liquid products with an accuracy of +/-0.3 percent and repeatability of +/-0.1 percent. The flowmeter utilizes two mid-radius, parallel-plane measurement paths to reduce the influence of flow disturbances. Ultrasonic flow measurement is independent of conductivity, temperature, density and pressure. Within the meter body are four non-wetted, intrinsically safe transducers that allow the meter to maintain accuracy over varying flow conditions. These transducers are field replaceable without the need to empty or depressurize the meter. The unobstructed ultrasonic flow tube with smooth surface finish inhibits material build-up. This combined with no internal moving parts to wear or drift provides for low-pressure drop, increased energy savings, and maintenance-free service. An integrated, predictive diagnostics package shows meter health and status. Advanced diagnostics continuously perform measurement reliability checks and calibrate the time measurement. Ethernet compatibility enables multiple users to remotely monitor and verify process information. The Smart Wireless THUM adapter allows wireless access to flowmeter diagnostics without the need for any additional wiring.