Cameron UFMCameron”s Measurement Systems division has launched the LEFM 380Ci ultrasonic flowmeter (UFM), which it says is the natural gas industry’s first UFM to completely isolate the acoustic transducers from the process, improving reliability, ease of maintenance, and personnel safety. Replacement of the transducers can be accomplished without blocking and depressurizing the line. The flowmeter also has a patent-pending proprietary coating that is designed to prevent corrosion and contamination of the internal surfaces of the UFM and adjacent piping. The flowmeter utilizes an eight-path, dual-plane, cross-path design that eliminates the need for flow conditioning elements. The design comprises two four-path meters in one unit—one exactly mirroring the other—that resolves asymmetric velocity profiles and the effects of swirl while requiring only five pipe diameters of straight pipe installed upstream of the meter. This installation recommendation will meet AGA Report 9, Section 7.2.2 recommendations for a maximum deviation of +/-0.3 percent due to piping configuration. The meter is designed specifically for use in natural gas applications, including custody-transfer metering, fiscal metering, city gate metering, check metering, and movement of product to and from underground storage facilities (bi-directional measurement capability). –