Digmesa AG”s Ultrasonic Flow Sensor interprets the well-established ultrasonic time-of-flight technology using digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms to provide accurate and repeatable measurement results and response time, as well as greater accuracy of flowrate due to the diagonal measurement of flow. In addition, mechanical improvements are integrated into the design by the use of one seamless inline injection-molded piece, eliminating dead ends or dead-legs, so particle deposits are avoided. Available in PEEK or PFA and tube diameter of 1/2”, the flowmeter is suitable for liquids requiring low or no particle contamination. Applications range from handling high-purity liquids or slurries in the semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food and beverage industries. Flowrate is 0.05 – 20 L/min with accuracy: +/-2 percent of reading. Response time is ms.