The world market for ultrapure water systems and components will exceed $4.3 billion next year, boosted especially by Asian electronics, power and pharmaceutical industries, according to the latest McIlvaine Company forecasts.

Ultrapure Water Revenues

Industry 2016
Coal-Fired Power  1,096,700
Electronics  1,383,004
Flat Panel  741,951
Gas Turbines  75,937
Industrial Power  390,135
Other Industries  213,460
Pharmaceutical  459,803


Electronics manufacturers will lead the way with purchases of just under $1.4 billion. Most of these orders will be in Asia. Many Asian power plants are installing ultrasupercritical coal-fired boilers. They require the highest purity water. Due to the construction of generic drug manufacturing facilities in Asia, this region of the world will gain share as opposed to other pharmaceutical markets.

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The downturn in China is likely to have some impact on growth in that country over the next few years. Coal-fired boiler capacity growth is slowing. However, emphasis on water conservation is leading to the use of recycled water in ultrapure water systems. In some cases, desalinated water is now being utilized. There is a trend to combine desalination of drinking water with power production at seacoast locations. There are a number of synergies including a source of ultrapure water.

Ion-exchange resins, cartridges and treatment chemicals are among the consumables expenditures required in UPW systems.

For more information on McIlvaine Company’s report, N029 Ultrapure Water: World Market, click here.