Koch Membrane Systems” KONSOLIDATOR ultrafiltration systems are designed to operate at maximum suspended solids concentrations without plugging to minimize pre-filtration requirements and allow companies to concentrate waste volume. The systems are designed for companies looking to reduce disposal wastewater costs in applications with high suspended solids. Membranes can handle a variety of processing conditions and can be cleaned using KMS’ sponge balls. The ultrafiltration system features patented FEG tubular membranes with mechanical and chemical-resistance properties that make it a good fit for a range of difficult applications. The ultrafiltration systems are available in five standard sizes, ranging in flows from 3,000 GPD to 100,000 GPD. Additional features include a control panel containing a programmable logic controller, a NEMA 12 enclosure, as well as pressure and temperature alarms, feed temperature and permeate flow indicators, inlet/outlet pressure gauges, optional cleaning skid, and an automatic purge mechanism.