Garlock Sealing Technologies” 212-ULE ultra-low emission, high-temperature valve stem spool packing is designed to simplify leak detection and repair (LDAR) in the hydrocarbon and chemical processing industries. The Style 212-ULE packing outperforms engineered sets, easily meeting global emission standards. Tested worldwide by a major hydrocarbon processor, the packing delivered emissions performance of <20 PPM average leakage. It also was successfully fire-tested to API 589.

Garlock-style packing is comprised of two types of graphite packing. One of the braids is manufactured from a proprietary yarn consisting of several strands of high-purity GRAPH-LOCK® contained by an Inconel® filament jacket. This wire filament is just 0.004″ in diameter, making the finished braid non-scoring and thermally conductive. The other braid is manufactured from graphite fiber, reinforced flexible graphite yarns and high-purity graphite filament yarns. The new packing is self-lubricating for low valve stem friction, non-hardening, dimensionally stable, impervious to gases and fluids and corrosion-resistant. It comes in an easy-to-use, 100% recyclable dispenser with color-coded instructions. The number of typical valves that can be repacked appears on the packaging, helping users to reduce outage schedules and inventory requirements. Included in each dispenser are valve labels for indicating installation date and time to retighten packing glands, as well as a low-spool tag alerting users to reorder. The packing can withstand operating temperatures from -328 F (-200 C) to +1,200 F (+650 C) in steam and non-oxidizing environments and up to +850 F (+455 C) in media containing free oxygen. Maximum pressure rating is 4,500 psig (310 bar), and pH rating is 0-14, except for strong oxidizers.