Oseco’sPro+ (precision reverse operating) disc, which is a high operatingratio bursting disc designed to protect personnel, equipment,productivity, and the environment in chemical applications, has earneda new KR rating from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME). A KR rating depends on a loss coefficient and defines minorpiping system losses due to elbows, tees, fittings, valves, reducers,and other components. The rating is based upon pressure in a givensystem and how dependant that system is on a pressure-relief device.Pressure-relief systems have the lowest pressure drop and the highestflow when the rupture disc with the lowest KR is used.  The Pro+disc has earned the lowest currently registered KR rating for areverse-buckling disc family, 0.29, making it one of the most effectivepressure relief devices on the market and earning it a UD ASMEAuthorized stamp. The Pro+ disc’s 95 percent operating ratio guardsagainst fatigue and premature disc rupture in applications with highoperating-to-set ratios. Burst pressures from eight to 750 PSIG ensureconsistent performance in a wide range of uses from high-to-lowpressure environments, with long service life even in high cyclingapplications.  The one-piece design is scored on the vent side,preventing product buildup.