Some 900 projects with $2.0 billion in stimulus support are moving forward in the U.S. municipal drinking water segment, but this is only a piece of the business currently going on in this area, according to a report by the McIlvaine Company (

Some recent project updates in McIlvaine’s North American Public Water Plants and People testify to the larger scale of activity. For example, Davie, Fla. is targeting $100 million for a reverse-osmosis facility and other upgrades. Palm Beach, Fla. is starting construction of a $77 million treatment plant. In addition, other South Florida utilities are building deep water plants to tap into the mineral laden Floridian aquifer.

Meanwhile, last month Austin, Texas approved a $508 million water treatment plant. Rhode Island officials also announced the awarding of an unprecedented $135 million in low-cost loans to 32 communities to increase drinking-water supplies or develop new pipelines and treatment facilities to reduce water pollution.

Other municipalities currently considering or working on water projects include Pasco, Texas, Waukesha, Wisc., Colorado Springs, Colo., Baltimore, Md., Quay City, NM, and St Louis, New York City, and West Haven, Conn.