U.S. President Barack Obama announced plans on Wednesday for an expansion of U.S. offshore oil and gas drilling, according to a report by Reuters. Areas being considered for drilling include the mid and south Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, while the plan calls for “studying and protecting sensitive areas in the Arctic.”

Reuters says the announcement is believed to be a tactical move by the Obama administration, as it looks to build Republican support for a broader energy and climate change bill that would set limits on greenhouse gas emissions.

“Drilling alone can”t come close to meeting our long-term energy needs, and for the sake of our planet and our energy independence, we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuels now,” Obama said in remarks at Andrews Air Force Base in nearby Maryland.

“I know that we can come together to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation that”s going to foster new energy — new industries, create millions of new jobs, protect our planet, and help us become more energy independent.”

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