Emerson ProcessManagement”s Micro Motion 2200S Coriolis flowmeter transmitter is atwo-wire device that delivers +/-0.10 percent liquid flow and +0.0005g/cm3 liquid density accuracy in continuous process and mass balanceapplications. It has no moving parts and requires no maintenance. The transmitter canbe used with a range of Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis sensor sizes andmaterials of construction. Suitable for integral or extended mount, theloop-powered design enables integration into existing control systemsand is a good fit for long wiring runs and applications in hazardousareas. Equipped with MVD digital processing technology, the transmitterdelivers multivariable and diagnostic information via HARTcommunications. The transmitter has CSA Class1 Division 1 or 2approvals, and ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI Zone 1 and Zone 2 approvals. Alsoavailable with an optional 316L stainless steel enclosure suited forharsh environments, such as applications in the offshore and marineindustries.