Exact Flow”s Mini-Comp dual-rotor turbine flowmeter features a miniature flow computer. Flow straighteners are not required, making the meter suitable for small spaces in aircraft, race car and congested test stand applications. The flowmeter provides total compensation to enhance flowmeter accuracy while extending the linear flow range. The meter tracks all variables to compensate for viscosity effects due to fluid temperature variations. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology allows for signal characterization and fast response (3 mS) to output data in engineering units. A unique pickoff system protects against vibration and provides an RTD temperature sensor thermal well for improved response to temperature/viscosity compensation. Other features include:

  • Multiple scaled outputs (two frequency, one voltage)
  • Extended-range linearization
  • Temperature compensation
  • Universal Viscosity Curve (UVC) compensation
  • User interface software
  • RS485 communications

Calibration uncertainty is <0.05 percent of reading and repeatability is +/-0.02 percent and linearity of +/-0.1 percent of reading over the entire repeatable flow range. Standard range is 0.035 to 6.0 Gallons Per Minute (GPM); additional ranges are available.