Sensorex TransmitterSensorex’s TX-3000 pH/mV Transmitter monitors changes in process fluids, displaying pH or oxidation-reduction potential (ORP, measured in mV), and temperature for more accurate control in water, chemical, electronics, food production, environmental, and wastewater applications. The line-powered TX-3000 can be user-programmed on-site to measure either pH or ORP (Redox). Its dual-output design, with an isolated (0)4–20mA output for pH or ORP readings and one for temperature measurement, eliminates the need for a separate temperature transmitter. A large backlit LCD screen displays both parameters simultaneously and two adjustable Hi/Lo relay contacts deliver results to automated process control systems. With an extended pH measurement range of -2.00 to 16.00, the TX-3000 is suitable for a full range of applications. The NEMA 4x, IP65 enclosure can be wall-, panel-, or pipe-mounted for easy integration in most installations. The transmitter can be easily programmed onsite with its push button interface. The unit can be password-protected for secure installations. –