Sensorex TransmitterSensorex’s CX-3000 Transmitter monitors changes in process fluids, displaying conductivity, resistivity or salinity, along with temperature, for process control in water, chemical, electronics, food production, environmental, and wastewater applications. The transmitter measures one of three critical process parameters: conductivity, resistivity or salinity. A push-button interface enables user-programming on-site for desired monitoring, with a password protection option for added security. The CX-3000’s dual-output design, with a dedicated (0)4–20mA output for temperature measurement, eliminates the need for a separate temperature transmitter. Its large backlit LCD screen displays selected parameter and temperature simultaneously. Conductivity is measured over an extended range of 0.000uS/cm–200mS/cm for extreme applications. The resistivity measurement range extends from 0.00–20.00 M-Ohm/cm; salinity measurements cover from 0.0–70.0ppt. With a NEMA 4x, IP65 enclosure, the CX-3000 can be wall-, panel-, or pipe-mounted for easy integration in most installations. The line-powered unit meets 100-240 VAC power requirements for use internationally. Two adjustable Hi/Lo relay contacts deliver results to automated process control systems.